Wellbeing & Recovery

It is estimated that over 2 million adults in the UK are experiencing long-term effects of COVID-19, or “long COVID”. Many have very little support and as this is a condition new to our understanding, it has been difficult for those affected to get the advice they really need.


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COVID Wellbeing & Recovery

We are learning more every day about the effects of long COVID, following the latest studies and considering how we should respond.

Symptoms of long COVID are varied and partly dependent on how COVID-19 manifested as an acute illness. The most common long-term effects of COVID-19 range from mild but unpleasant, such as long-term loss of taste and smell, to debilitating such as shortness of breath, joint and muscle pain and extreme fatigue.

Some studies suggest that those who experienced a wider range of symptoms in their first week of having COVID-19 are most likely to develop long COVID.

Long COVID is defined as signs & symptoms that:

  • develop during or following COVID-19
  • continue for more than 12 weeks and;
  • are not explained by an alternative diagnosis.

As hopeless as it can feel, there are options available for your care, from interventions at a nutritional level to the right inhalers to steroid injections to relieve severe joint pain. If you want to begin to get back to your old self, do seek help and together, we can get you there.

Call us to ask for an appointment with our head doctor, Dr Enam Abood, who is developing a special interest in supporting patients with long COVID and let’s get better.

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