When was your last medical check-up?

  • Same-day appointments available with female & male doctors
  • See a caring qualified experienced doctor
  • Fast turnaround times for tests & follow-ups to explain results
Pricing from £85
Type of sample taken blood
Turnaround time 30 mins
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Whatever your reason for having a check-up, we can help with a wide range of tailored packages, experienced doctors & extensive choice of testing at your convenience.

Health conditions often develop slowly over time, & you may not always be experiencing symptoms. A check-up is the best way to ensure that everything is working as it should be. We offer a range of check-ups, depending on your specific health requirements. We offer head-to-toe examinations tailored especially for men & women in our signature Wellman & Wellwoman screenings, as well as more specific investigations targeted at monitoring & evaluating certain conditions (diabetes, blood pressure, hormone levels) & the effects of existing medication (INR/warfarin), as well as a full range of testing options. We can also offer tailored packages to suit your individual needs.

Some of the things that a routine medical check-up can reveal about your health include:

  • Cardiovascular risk
  • Signs of degenerative diseases, such as diabetes
  • Immune system functioning
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Deficiencies

If you have an ongoing health concern that you would like to speak to a doctor about, you can come in for a consultation. The GP will examine you, ask you about your existing symptoms & past medical history, discuss any relevant testing options that may be of use in your diagnosis, & refer you on to a specialist where further investigation may be of help.

When should I get tested?

Regular medical check-ups are an important part of your healthcare routine & should become part of your self-care regimen. You don’t need to wait until you are feeling unwell to have a check-up, in fact having a check-up when you are feeling well can give you a better understanding of your health, & allow you to take preventative measures where necessary.

What does the test include

Medical check-ups involve a consultation with a doctor, who will perform various tests & examinations to determine your health. In most cases, you will be asked to give a urine sample, & blood samples will also be taken.

What to Expect

Step 1

Preparing for test

Please arrive well-hydrated & with a full bladder. For any additional preparations, please ask the receptionist to advise you when you make your appointment.
Step 2

During the test

Your check-up will include a discussion of any current symptoms, concerns, or family health issues, as well as the necessary tests. In addition to urine & blood samples, you will also be given a full examination.
Step 3


Your results are totally confidential & will be delivered according to your preference. You can receive them over the telephone, by email, post, or in-person collection.