Flu Vaccines For Companies

Vaccinate to reduce flu-related absence

  • Fewer days off
  • Speed recovery
  • Avoid sick leave
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An office outbreak of ’flu can severely affect productivity, as it is highly contagious & often affects multiple staff members. Vaccination packages for companies can help prevent this.

’Flu is unfortunately easily spread amongst staff members who share office space, as it is caught by touching anything that someone with the virus has touched (computer mouse or keyboard, door handle, cup handle), and is also airborne in coughs & sneezes.

Offering a flu vaccination for your entire company can help to prevent outbreaks, and make ’flu symptoms less severe if the infection is passed on, thereby reducing employee absenteeism & the risk of having most of the staff catch ’flu at once.

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What we do:

  • ’Flu vaccination packages to cover your entire office
  • Special rates for group bookings

What to do next

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