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Both clinics will be closed on Monday 26th August for the bank holiday. We are otherwise operating normal working hours.

HIV Multiplex Testing

At the Harley Street Health Centre we are dedicated to providing the most effective and accurate testing available, and when dealing with serious illnesses such as HIV we recognise the importance of efficient results.
Multiplex PCR testing is on the cutting edge of HIV early detection testing, providing highly accurate and sensitive results. It can be crucial to reach a clear and unequivocal outcome at an early stage to help our doctors effectively move forward with your treatment when necessary.

The Multiplex PCR test detects the genetic material of HIV, rather than the antibodies in blood. The DNA copy of the HIV virus itself is located, and this viral DNA is normally detectable sooner than the antibodies which develop in response to an infection. Recent research has shown 98% accuracy after 10 days following exposure.

Screening shows both recent and past exposure, which is ideal for patients who desire a HIV test but are uncertain over the time period since their last exposure.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call our Harley Street clinic on 02073231023 02073231023 or our London City clinic on 02071010355 02071010355

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I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for looking after my son when he suffered skipped heartbeats at work. You were very kind to him and didn’t even charge him.


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