Online Doctor Appointments

Video & Skype Consultations

  • See a GP at your convenience whilst self isolating
  • Avoid disruption to your healthcare during the lock-down
  • Prescriptions sent directly to your local pharmacy
Pricing £85
Duration 15 minutes
Type of treatment Consultation
Professional GP
Specialist Referral Available
Google Rating
Based on 164 reviews
Video & Skype GP and doctor appointments are a convenient way of getting the care you need without leaving your home or office.

We are pleased to offer video GP consultations and doctor appointments so you continue to access the care you need from experienced doctors during the Coronavirus lockdown. This will ensure everyone stays safe and only leaves their home if necessary.

We work with your local pharmacy and fax prescriptions to facilitate easy collection and minimise your time in direct contact with others.

We are still seeing patients in person, but you must have the option to stay home currently if that works better for you.

Call our clinic to book your appointment.


Who should have a telephone consultation?

Telephone doctor consultations are a helpful tool if:
  • You are self-isolating due to coronavirus
  • Need a repeat prescription that requires a check-up or review
  • Are unwell with any other health issues and can’t leave home
  • Want to discuss next steps for your health issues

What about testing?

We offer coronavirus at-home testing (with a 7-day turnaround and available now) and instant testing for those who are asymptomatic (available from late March 2020). For another testing, it is worth discussing with the doctor what can wait and what you should really come in for. Our clinics have safeguards in place such as not seeing symptomatic patients and high-level infection control so you should feel safe attending for necessary medical testing.

What if I need a prescription?

We can post your prescription to you or fax it to a local pharmacy. Some pharmacies deliver to your door.