Pregnancy Blood Tests

Beta HCG blood test for pregnancy

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Pricing £50
Type of sample taken Blood
Turnaround time 4-6 hours
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A blood test with a medical professional reduces any uncertainty regarding a possible pregnancy, come in for your appointment today.

We offer a quantitative hCG test for pregnancy, which can confirm a pregnancy following an initial positive urine test result.

The blood test checks for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone produced in the uterus following implantation.

Because of the reliable production rate of hCG after conception, in addition to confirming a pregnancy, this test can also evaluate how far along the pregnancy is.

When should I get tested?

For an accurate result, you will need to wait at least 11 days after the date of conception to take this test, as a blood test will not be able to pick up traces of the hormone until this point. If you are not sure of the date of conception, it is recommended that you wait until the due date of your menstrual period.

What does the test include

The Beta hCG test is a blood test which gives an accurate result for pregnancy.

What to Expect

Step 1

Preparing for test

The most reliable rule for accuracy with pregnancy testing is to wait until the first missed day of your menstrual period. If you know the date of possible conception, you can have the test 11 days after this date.
Step 2

During the test

A small sample of blood will be taken from your inner arm, near the elbow; this is a quick & relatively painless process.
Step 3


Your results can be emailed or delivered over the telephone by one of our doctors, if you had a consultation with us. You can also take the results to your own doctor, or book a consultation at our clinic.