Male Hormone Profile

Hormone Level Test For Men

  • Hormone level testing for a broader picture of your health
  • Check fertility levels & underst& cancer risks
  • Supports diagnosis for a range of symptoms
Pricing £195
Type of sample taken Blood
Turnaround time 4-12 hours
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Male hormone level fluctuations can affect fertility, libido, & overall health. Come to our Central London clinics for a complete hormone profile today.

Some health conditions affecting men are related to changes in hormone levels, such as hair loss, lack of energy & vitality, & erectile dysfunction.

In some cases, a gradual decline in testosterone levels can cause emotional symptoms such as depression or loss of libido & muscle mass.

It is usually not as important for men to monitor their hormone levels as women, as they do not undergo the same dramatic hormonal shifts as women during menopause. Still, nonetheless, a hormone profile can be a crucial part of the diagnosis for men.

For more information about the male hormone blood test, give us a call or book online.

When should I get tested?

Your doctor may recommend that you have your hormone levels checked if you are experiencing symptoms related to hormonal shifts.

Men typically undergo gradual hormonal changes in their late forties & early fifties, but you may want to get your levels checked sooner that this, depending on your health.

Having your levels checked will help your doctor to get to the bottom of any symptoms that are affecting your quality of life.

What does the test include

The male hormone screen is done using a simple blood test, which tests levels of FSH, LH, Testosterone, SHBG, Free Androgen Index, DHEA Sulphate, Prolactin, & Glucose.

What to Expect

Step 1

Preparing for test

Unless advised otherwise by the doctor or receptionist at the time of booking the test should be done before 11 am. Otherwise special preparation is needed, other than to arrive at your appointment well-hydrated.
Step 2

During the test

A small sample of blood will be drawn from your inner arm using a needle; this is a quick & relatively painless process, during which you may feel a light pricking or scratching sensation.
Step 3


Your results will be sent to you by email as soon as they are back from the laboratory; if you had a consultation with one of our doctors, they will call you directly to go over them. You can also take your results to your own doctor to discuss the findings.

If you want an evaluation from one of our clinic’s doctors, you will need to book a consultation, & ideally to have this before the test.

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