Eye Problems

Conditions affecting eyes & vision

The eyes can be affected by a number of problems relating to disease, degeneration, infection, structural issues, & clarity of vision.
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If you are at higher risk of having an eye disease due to risk factors such as family history, it is recommended that you have your eyes tested regularly. Early diagnosis means you have the chance of getting treatment before symptoms develop. As a general rule, optometrists advise having an eye test every two years or so.

Some of the more common conditions affecting the eyes include:

  • Glaucoma (an increase of fluid pressure in the eyes)
  • Diabetic retinopathy (retinal damage due to diabetes)
  • Cataracts (where the lens clouds & hardens)
  • Macular degeneration (age-related deterioration)

If you notice any of the following changes to your vision, we recommend that you come to see a doctor as soon as possible to rule out more serious underlying conditions:


Eye problems affecting the vision are most commonly caused by ageing, although those with a family history of eye disease will be more at risk, as will those with learning disabilities.

Certain ethnic groups are at higher risk for glaucoma & diabetes (African & Caribbean communities) & for diabetic retinopathy (South Asian communities).

Short-term issues like foreign bodies & infections can also affect the eyes.

What to do next?

If you have a family history of eye disease & would like a check-up, or if you are noticing problems with your vision or other eye symptoms, please give us a call or use our online booking system to make an appointment. We can help with most eye problems, & have same-day GP appointments for acute complaints. We can also refer you to an ophthalmologist if required.

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