Colds & coughs

Common lung & sinus symptoms

When you are experiencing cold symptoms such as sore throat, fever, & runny nose with a cough, it is worth your time to see a private GP.
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The NHS states that a common cold or mild cough does not need treatment from a doctor, but it is not always obvious from the symptoms that what you have is a cold or cough. Seeing a private GP allows you to know what you are dealing with, & to ensure that your condition will not progress into a chest infection. The doctor will give you a full examination, any relevant advice on how to reduce your discomfort, & prescribed medications where applicable. Early treatment ensures a speedy recovery.


Coughs & colds are caused by contact with an infected person, who passes on germs through their coughs & sneezes, or through touching shared surfaces or objects such as door handles, television remotes, or cup handles. The virus is transmitted through the eyes & nose.

What to do next?

Our doctors can help you, whether you are suffering from a one-off infection, or are noticing you are catching cold more frequently. We can help you with the necessary treatment & advice for prevention. Please use our online booking system or give our team a call to book your appointment.

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