Influenza (’flu) virus

’Flu or influenza is a highly infectious viral illness, most common during seasonal shifts, & which spreads through the body via the respiratory tract.
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’Flu symptoms usually come on quite quickly, & unlike a cold, can be quite severe early on, usually with fever & body aches. The worst symptoms can last for a week or more, & may be severe enough to keep you in bed for a number of days. ’Flu symptoms can linger on, after the worst of the infection has passed.
In general, the range of ’flu symptoms includes:


’Flu is highly contagious, & can be contracted from being in contact with someone who has the virus, as it is easily spread through their coughs & sneezes. You can catch it from touching anything that someone with an active ’flu virus has recently touched (such as a keyboard, door handle, or cup handle), & of course from kissing or close physical contact with an infected person.


Fever of 38C (100.4F) degrees or above
Blocked or runny nose
Fatigue & weakness
Sore throat
Coughing, sneezing
Muscle aches and/or joint pain
Reduced or no appetite

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