Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction diagnosis and treatment

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  • Quick diagnosis and treatment
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Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common condition, affecting most men at some point in their lives. Our erectile dysfunction package includes time with an experienced GP, examination and relevant blood testing to give you quick answers and treatment.

Our erectile dysfunction package includes a 60-minute consultation with a GP and extensive blood testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms. We look at your overall health, diabetes risk, hormone imbalance and prostate health, to exclude the usual contributors to erectile dysfunction. We will also speak with you to understand the circumstances around the onset of your symptoms and offer you advice and appropriate treatment, so you can go back to living a fulfilling life.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as ongoing difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. This main symptom may or may not be accompanied by a loss of libido. ED has either physical or psychological causes. If you wake up with an erection or are able to get an erection when you are alone, it is more likely that the cause of your ED is psychological.

There is a range of health conditions that can contribute to erectile dysfunction, with diabetes & heart disease being among the most serious. Diabetes causes ED in 25% of diabetics in their early thirties, & 75% of diabetics in their sixties.
Atherosclerosis can also be responsible for the difficulty in getting an erection, due to the way it constricts the natural flow of blood in the arteries. Smoking cigarettes is a major cause of this condition.
Erectile dysfunction is a known side effect with some medications, so if you are taking a new medication & have noticed symptoms relating to your erections, a doctor can review the prescription with you & may be able to recommend a different drug.

Fluctuations in hormone levels can also be responsible, & so hormone screening may be recommended by the doctor if you are experiencing ongoing erectile dysfunction.
The most common cause of occasional failure to maintain an erection is drinking alcohol, but if you are noticing that your symptoms are not linked to how much you are drinking, it is important to have a consultation with the doctor, who can help you get fully checked & make sure that there are no serious underlying causes. This condition is increasingly understood to have a medical basis & is nothing at all to be embarrassed about. There are plenty of treatment options, whether the causes of your ED are emotional, psychological, or physical, so please do not hesitate to speak to a doctor. We always have male doctors available who are experienced in treating this condition, so when you make your appointment, please feel free to specify that you would prefer to be seen by a man if this is the case.

Your GP consultation will include a discussion with the doctor about your symptoms, how long you have had them & when they are occurring. Based on this information, the doctor may recommend blood tests, a review of your current medication, or a referral for therapy or further screening. As there are many possible causes of ED, your appointment will be specific to your own needs.

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Erectile dysfunction is usually classified as either physical or psychological. Physical causes include heart disease & the side effects of certain medication. Psychological causes include relationship issues, depression, & stress.


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