Food Intolerance

Lactose & fructose tests

  • Testing to help you underst & gastric issues
  • Testing for sensitivity to dairy & fruit
  • Quick & easy procedure with fast results
Type of sample taken Breath testing
Turnaround time Same day
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We are learning more about food intolerance such as lactose & fructose & how it impacts health. Our tests can help you underst& your symptoms & improve your health.

Lactose is a sugar found in milk, & fructose is a sugar found in fresh fruit & some vegetables, as well as in processed foods. Both of these natural sugars can cause intolerance & have trouble being absorbed in the small intestine, leading to digestive symptoms such as gas, painful bloating, cramping, & diarrhoea.

Over time, these intolerances can build up unhealthy bacteria in the gut, which feed off undigested sugars. Our hydrogen breath test can evaluate your body’s tolerance to both fructose & lactose, targeting specific milk proteins & fruit sugars.

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When should I get tested?

You can take these tests at any time, without a doctor’s referral. You may have noticed digestive symptoms related to dairy or fructose intake, or would like to rule out food intolerance in the context of various GI symptoms.

What the test includes

The test for fructose intolerance is a breath test.


Step 1

Preparing for test

No special preparation is required.
Step 2

During the test

You will be given a small quantity of fructose and/or lactose, & then your breath will be tested at intervals to check your hydrogen levels.
Step 3


Once we receive the results from the laboratory we will email them over to you. If the test was suggested by one of our doctors the doctor will give you a call to explain the results for you. If you didn't have a consultation at our clinic you can take the results to your own doctor or come back for a consultation.