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Women's Health

We are delighted to announce that we are extending our women’s health services and clinical team. Our female-led clinical and management teams have been considering how best to meet the needs of women and our new services provide access to procedures and screenings that many women are finding difficult to currently access.

We are very aware as a female-led service how gender bias in healthcare can result in women’s health issues not taken seriously, despite often being debilitating. For example, on average, women see their GP on ten separate occasions before being referred to a Consultant Gynaecologist for endometriosis. We want to change that through fast referral pathways, a knowledgeable and empathetic clinical team and access to fast appointments, testing and procedures.

We also know that private care can be daunting, especially if you are new to accessing care this way, so we have ensured that all of our fees are entirely transparent and where possible, encompass the total cost of your care. We have done our best to ensure our services are as accessible as possible and are here to answer all of your questions in advance of your care with us.

So, what’s new?

In addition to our current services such as cervical and HPV screening, Wellwoman health screenings and female GP appointments, we are delighted to provide the following new services that we hope will help you get what you need when it suits you:

  • Symptomatic sexual health appointments and treatment with a Senior Specialist Nurse
  • Coil insertion and removal
  • Implant fitting and removal
  • Fast diagnosis and treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Fast access to Consultant Gynaecology appointments
  • Fast access to ultrasounds for breast and gynaecological screenings

Get in touch today and our experienced team will talk you through your options.

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