Family Planning

Procedures and consultations at a time to suit you

  • Coil and implant insertion and removal
  • Experienced specialist nurses and female GPs
  • Family planning without the need for a gynaecology referral
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When you need family planning support, the last thing you want is to have to hunt around for available appointments. Our one-stop-shop family planning clinic provides procedures, consultations and expertise from a female-led clinical team exactly when you need it.

Family planning services are increasingly difficult to come by which is why our female-led clinical team decided to ensure that our services are extended to support women looking for procedures and consultations.

Very often, family planning is a service that you need in a timely fashion, so we’ve grown our clinical team with specialist senior nurses who have 20 years of experience supporting women with their needs.

Our family planning services include:
  • Coil fitting and removal
  • Implant fitting and removal
  • Contraceptive injections
  • Consultations and prescriptions


Benefits to choosing us for your family planning needs:
  • Fast appointment availability
  • Transparent and affordable fees
  • Experienced female-led clinical team
  • An understanding of the impact of gender bias in healthcare
  • Immediate referral for ultrasound and specialist Gynaecology where necessary

Get in touch today and our experienced team will talk you through your options. If your call is answered by a male colleague and you prefer to speak to a female, please do not hesitate to request this.

More about coils and implants


There are two types of coil – hormonal and copper, both of which offer over 99% protection. The type that you choose in consultation with your nurse will depend on suitability, your medical history and circumstances. Coil-fittings take 45-minutes and take place after you have a telephone consultation with our specialist nurse.


Implants are a highly effective contraceptive method (over 99%), fitted in the arm and last for up to 3 years. You will have a consultation with our specialist nurse and if suitable, the implant can be fitted immediately.

Family Planning FAQs

What procedures are available?

We offer coil fitting and removal, implant fitting and removal and contraceptive injections.

How will I know what kind of contraceptive is right for me?

You will always have a full consultation with a senior specialist nurse who will advise you of the benefits and risks and advise you of suitability.

Are the procedures expensive?

We have made our procedures as affordable as possible in our context and a full fee list is available to view on our rates page. If you have any questions about fees prior to your appointment, our team is here to help provide clear and fully transparent advice.

Family Planning Fees

Minor Procedures

Harley Street & City Clinic Prices from
Coil insertion (hormonal) £395
hormonal coil
Coil insertion (copper) £295
copper coil
Coil removal £165
Implant insertion £295
Implant removal £165
Cryotherapy £150
(up to 30 minutes)

Additional consultation fee is payable
Stitching (new wound) £250
(up to 5 stitches)
Stitch removal £95
(15 minutes)
Lipoma removal Please call
Cyst removal Please call
Mole removal Please call
Skin tag removal Please call