Preventative Health Screening

We offer a range of tailored health screenings

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  • Diagnose, monitor, or flag a wide range of conditions
  • Caring, professional & efficient service
  • Same-day appointments & male doctors available
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At our clinic, we believe strongly in preventative healthcare. This is why we offer a variety of screening services, with packages tailored specifically to men’s health. Our Wellman package is a full head-to-toe health screening, with tiered options available, covering the most important health markers for male health conditions, & is an excellent choice for annual screening.

For a Wellman health screening, you will be with the doctor for around 90 minutes. Individual screenings take less time (20-30 minutes for individual blood tests or general health consultations). We always have male doctors available, so please let us know at the time you make your booking if you would like to see a male doctor.

Although it is fine to come for a health screening at any point, the best time to have one is when you are feeling well. Our high-quality primary care service & screening options allow you to be vigilant about the degenerative disease and, in the case of illness, to ensure early diagnosis.

The emphasis in our screenings is on disease prevention, & on reducing or managing your risk of cardiovascular disease. Once you are aware of any potential risks, the development of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes & cancers can be mitigated. Lifestyle factors such as healthy eating, weight management, regular check-ups & blood tests & physical examinations can all be helpful.

It is important not to ignore symptoms, but you do not need to have any symptoms at all in order to come in for a health screening. In fact, the best time to have a screening is when you are feeling well. The general advice is that it is a good idea to have a full health check-up every year or so, depending on your individual needs & the current state of your health.

The level of screening you require will also vary. We have hormone testing, diabetes testing, & a full sexual health screen all available as add-ons to the basic Wellman check-up. If you would like to have a preventative health screening, but are unsure of what you need, the best thing to do is come for a consultation with a GP. The doctor will ask you questions about your lifestyle, any existing symptoms or significant family health history, & provide you with advice regarding the next steps.

We can investigate a full range of health symptoms, relating to any aspect of the body or physical systems, including symptoms related to endocrine health, the reproductive system, vitamin levels, chronic illness or infection, hormonal changes, digestive problems, & many more.

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What is the difference between preventative health screening & normal healthcare?

Most people go to the doctor when they are feeling unwell. With preventative healthcare, your ideal time to visit is when you are feeling well, in order to ensure that you catch any conditions or diseases at their earliest possible stage. The earlier you can catch an imbalance or a condition, the more effective your treatment will be.

What kind of screening should I book?

If you aren’t sure what level of screening is appropriate, it is suggested that you book a Bronze Wellman, which is our basic screening package, & then ask the doctor’s advice on any add-ons that might be appropriate to your individual case. You can add on a PSA test, a full sexual health screen, or a diabetes screen to a basic package.

What happens after my screening?

If you see a doctor for a Wellman check-up, you will have the option of a follow-up appointment either over the telephone, in person, or written up in a report. This is included in the price of your package, & means that you will have support at every stage in interpreting results, & with getting any necessary treatment or referrals.