Genetic Testing

Test for gene & chromosome changes

  • Reassurance regarding hereditary conditions
  • Testing ahead of time when planning a pregnancy
  • Change or improve the efficiency of existing medication
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Type of sample taken Blood
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Genetic testing can help a doctor to find the most effective medication for you. Give us a call to make an appointment today.

Genetic testing can be used for a number of diagnostic reasons, & to predict the effectiveness of a range of possible medications for an existing condition.

The human genome is thought to have around 22,000 genes, the expression of which causes the development & maintenance of personal characteristics.

An individual’s genetic uniqueness derives from the sequence of their nucleotide bases which form gene structure.

Genetic testing examines a person’s genetic makeup (genome) & analyses their DNA, RNA, & chromosomes, allowing for the early detection of diseases, possibility of having a child with a genetic disorder, & as a prenatal measure to determine the genetic status of an unborn child.

For any questions regarding Genetic testing, please give us a call & speak to a member of our team.

When should I get tested?

Genetic testing serves a variety of functions, & advances in biomedical research have led to an increasing range of the kinds of tests available. In the case of certain diseases, genetic testing has revolutionised the diagnostic process.

Genetic testing can diagnose or rule out a condition that is suspected, estimate how likely a person is to develop a certain disease, screen for genetic changes that could be passed on to a child, & evaluate the likely effectiveness of a range of treatments.

Using genetic testing, diagnostic measures can be effective even before any symptoms are present.

What does the test include

Genetic testing is done using a blood test.

What to Expect

Step 1

Preparing for test

Coming to your appointment well-hydrated will facilitate testing.
Step 2

During the test

The doctor or nurse will take a small amount of blood from your inner arm, near the elbow, using a needle. This is a quick & relatively painless procedure.
Step 3


The results of your genetic testing will be delivered over the telephone as soon as they are reading.
If you had a consultation with one of our doctors ahead of the testing, they will call & speak to you directly & go over the results with you.
Otherwise, you can take them to your own doctor for evaluation, or book a consultation at our clinic.