Minor Injuries

Treatment & aftercare advice for cuts & bumps

  • Same-day appointments available
  • Referrals for imaging & specialists
  • Professional, caring service
Pricing From £85
Duration 30 minutes
Type of treatment Stitches removal
Professional Qualified GP
Specialist Referral Included
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A minor injury may be serious enough that you struggle to deal with at home, but not serious enough for a long wait in Accident & Emergency. Our clinic is here to help you treat cuts and grazes, sprains, minor burns, and splinters.

Our clinic in London offers a minor injuries service for cuts, knocks, sprains, strains, minor burns, and splinters. With minor injuries, you may be seen either by a professional GP or a nurse, depending on the nature of the injury and the treatment required.

In the case of most minor injuries, we can sterilise and close wounds, ensure that the bleeding has stopped, and give you a suitable dressing. We can also change an existing dressing on a wound that is healing. On smaller injuries, we can perform stitching, or remove existing stitches, although please note we are not able to work with stitches on children.

In the event of a suspected fracture, the GP may be able to exclude it by examination. If not, we can refer you for an immediate x-ray at a facility close by to the clinic.

If we refer you for an x-ray which then confirms a fracture, we will be able to provide you with a referral for an orthopaedic specialist at no extra charge. We can also provide accessories to stabilise your injury and make it as safe as possible whilst you await further treatment.

Please note that in cases of serious injury, you will need to go to an A&E department. Injuries that require emergency medical treatment include major traumas, deep or very long wounds, wounds with ragged edges, or a wound that does not stop bleeding.

Minor injuries include:

  • Wound cleaning and dressing
  • Changing an existing dressing
  • Treatment for minor burns
  • Steristrip wound closure
  • Abscess drainage and dressing, depending on the doctor’s assessment
  • Sprains and muscular injuries
  • Suspected fractures
  • Referral to local x-ray facilities (we do not have an x-ray facility on-site)
  • Stitching and stitch removal (not applicable for children)
  • Where necessary, prescriptions are included in the cost of your consultation

Results turnaround

If you have an x-ray, the report will be available on the same day, or the next working day.


How do I know if a wound is an emergency?

If you have been injured, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible. A wound is an emergency if it is very large or deep, or contains a foreign object, or if the bleeding is bright red and persistent, does not stop, or comes in spurts.

What can I do to stop a wound from bleeding?

If you have a bleeding wound, the best thing to do is see a doctor for professional medical treatment as soon as possible. In the mean-time, apply pressure. Raising the wound above heart level can help to reduce the bleeding.

What are the symptoms of a sprain?

A sprain is a torn or stretched ligament and presents with symptoms of pain, swelling, bruising, a loss of mobility in the area, and a feeling of instability in the joint.



Consultation Rates Prices from
Doctor - telephone consultation £85
15-minute telephone or video consultation with senior doctor
Doctor - 30 minutes £175
In-person consultation with senior doctor
Doctor - 60 minutes £275
In-person consultation with senior doctor
Nurse - 30 minutes £85
In-person or telephone consultation with a senior specialist nurse (family planning, UTIs and symptomatic sexual health)