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Work-related stress can take its toll on your health & the health of your employees, & consequently affects the overall health of your company.

Work-related stress is thought to be the root cause of 40% of sickness absence in the UK. Factors such as time-management, changing workplace conditions, relationships with colleagues, & difficult conditions can all contribute to high-stress levels. We are here to help your company deal with stress levels on an individual or group basis.

What we do:

We have a range of services that can benefit your company regarding stress management, including individual health & psychological assessments, a helpline for your human resources department, therapists on-site who are trained in mindfulness, hypnosis, & other stress-related modalities, & we also offer workshops & seminars for your employees on methods for managing their stress.

What to do next

Give us a call to discuss your company’s needs & we can devise a plan to help you reduce workplace stress.


Consultations in Harley Street & City of London

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Harley Street - 15 minutes £85
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Harley Street - 60 minutes £180
Consultation with Dr E. Abood £250
60 minutes
City of London - 15 minutes £65
City of London - 30 minutes £95
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