Work-Related Stress

Services to reduce work-related stress

  • Better productivity
  • Support employee health
  • Better morale
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Work-related stress can take its toll on your health & the health of your employees, & consequently affects the overall health of your company.

Your employees are one of the most valuable assets to your business, and their welfare & health are of paramount importance.

Work-related stress is thought to be the root cause of 40% of sickness absence in the UK. Factors such as time-management, changing workplace conditions, relationships with colleagues, & difficult conditions can all contribute to high-stress levels.

We are here to help your company deal with stress levels on an individual or group basis.

For further details on what we can offer, call us today or book online now. Please and ask to speak to the corporate department.

What we do:

We have a range of services that can benefit your company regarding stress management, including:

  • individual health & psychological assessments,
  • a helpline for your human resources department,
  • therapists on-site who are trained in mindfulness, hypnosis, & other stress-related modalities

We also offer workshops & seminars for your employees on methods for managing their stress.

What to do next

Give us a call to discuss your company’s needs & we can devise a plan to help you reduce workplace stress.



Consultation Rates Prices from
Doctor - telephone consultation £85
15-minute telephone or video consultation with senior doctor
Doctor - 30 minutes £175
In-person consultation with senior doctor
Doctor - 60 minutes £275
In-person consultation with senior doctor
Nurse - 30 minutes £85
In-person or telephone consultation with a senior specialist nurse (family planning, UTIs and symptomatic sexual health)