Fitness To Work Medicals

Caring, comprehensive health assessments

  • Support employee health
  • Better productivity
  • Better morale
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Our fitness to work assessments consider a range of factors in evaluating the employee’s ability to perform the responsibilities of their role, whilst ensuring no negative impact on their condition.

If an employee has an illness, disability, or has undergone a surgery, a sensitive & comprehensive health assessment is crucial in helping you to underst& when & whether or not they are fit to return to work. The assessment should take into account their job requirements, working environment, personal wishes, & ensure that their condition will not worsen.

In the event that the employee is unable to return to full-time work, we provide options for part-time work & working from home. We can also send an occupational physiotherapist to assess work stations & make recommendations on how to ease the employee’s return to work.

Our occupational health services are exemplary in that we support the employee medically with all necessary referrals & medication, & provide ongoing support to ensure their comfort & wellbeing.

What we do:

  • Provide sensitive & comprehensive assessments
  • Proactively benefit the health of your employees
  • Assist you in meeting legal obligations regarding surgery, sickness, & disability
  • Minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace
  • Underst& the need for sensitivity, efficiency, & discretion

What to do next

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our assessments can be tailored to fit your specific needs, & to meet industry requirements.



Consultation Rates Prices from
Doctor - telephone consultation £85
15-minute telephone or video consultation with senior doctor
Doctor - 30 minutes £175
In-person consultation with senior doctor
Doctor - 60 minutes £275
In-person consultation with senior doctor
Nurse - 30 minutes £85
In-person or telephone consultation with a senior specialist nurse (family planning, UTIs and symptomatic sexual health)