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COVID-19 PCR test for government's test to release scheme

  • Fast turnaround
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  • UKAS accredited laboratory
Pricing £175
Type of sample taken Swab
Turnaround time Next day by 8pm
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The government test to release scheme allows for testing after day 5 of arrival in the UK and the end of quarantine with a negative COVID-19 PCR test

When arriving in the UK, you can now take advantage of the COVID-19 test to release scheme. The terms of this scheme are simple – you can leave quarantine to have a COVID-19 PCR test after day 5 of arrival and can end quarantine once you have a negative test.

Only clinics and laboratories who have UKAS accreditation and have completed the relevant government declarations can conduct testing for the test to release scheme. Our laboratory not only has UKAS accreditation as a laboratory service but also has specific accreditation for COVID-19 testing. Our clinic has completed all relevant applications and declarations to provide the sample-taking for this scheme. Our clinic is additionally registered with the Care Quality Commission, which ensures exceptional standards.

When testing for the test to release scheme, you must provide the clinic with the following information requested by the UK government which will be kept on file:

  1.  date of arrival in the United Kingdom
  2. coach number, flight number or vessel name (as appropriate)
  3. the date on which last departed from or transited through a non-exempt country or territory, or a non-exempt region of a country or territory, i.e. a destination not on the travel corridors list
  4. the country or territory travelling from when arrived in the United Kingdom, and any country or territory transited through as part of that journey

Why use us for test to release COVID-19 PCR testing?

  • UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Accredited and approved clinic
  • 22-year’s experience
  • Fast turnaround including option of a premium service*
  • COVID-safe environment and protocols
  • Weekly testing for our clinicians and team
  • Strict triage policy
  • We do not see any symptomatic patients at the clinic

*Our premium service offers a result by 8 am the next day. You must test before 10 am the day before. The cost of this service is £245.

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When should I get tested?

You can test after day 5 of arrival in the UK. For more information, please read more about the test to release scheme here.


Step 1

Requirements & preparation

If you are having a COVID-19 PCR swab, you are advised not to use nasal hayfever sprays, and any other solution into the nose for 24 hours before the test as this may invalidate the result. Please also avoid eating salty meals or drinking alcohol for 2 hours prior to the test.
Step 2

Testing procedure

After sanitising the consulting room, your clinician will call you in for your test. A swab is taken of your throat and nose. The procedure can be a little uncomfortable and itchy but should not be painful. You will be with the clinician for 5 - 10 minutes. Your sample is then sent to our London-based laboratory and your result will be emailed to you within the agreed turnaround time.

Testing Price List


Harley Street & City Clinic Prices from
Full blood profile £95
Extended full blood profile £185
Mid-stream Urine test £95
Beta HCG (pregnancy) £50
Thyroid function test profile £115
Instant coronavirus antibody test £85
Surescreen instant test for antibodies
Abbott coronavirus antibody test £129
Laboratory testing for coronavirus antibodies
COVID-19 PCR test at clinic - next day standard service £175
Conducted by a nurse or healthcare assistant at our clinic.

Result - next day by 8 pm

COVID-19 PCR test at clinic - next day premium service £245
Conducted by a nurse or healthcare assistant at our clinic.

Result - next day by 8 am

Test must be conducted before 10 am the day before
Coronavirus PCR swab home-kit £145
Sent by 24-hour Royal Mail. Self-administered at home. A GP will call you if you test positive with further advice and support.

Liver function profile £75
Kidney function £75
Allergies £35
Per Allergen
INR £95
Female Hormone Screen £295
Blood group and antibody screen £95
HBA1c £125
Male Hormone Screen £285
PSA (prostate specific antigen) £135
Cervical Smear and HPV £195
Microbiology Swab £125