Fit To Fly

Fit to Fly certificate with PCR swab test for COVID-19

  • UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Preferred provider to several airlines
  • Guaranteed turnaround times
Pricing £175 inc. cert
Type of sample taken Swab
Turnaround time next day by 8pm
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Multiple destinations now require a negative coronavirus / COVID-19 PCR swab test and some require an additional fit to fly certificate. We are an experienced and accredited clinic and preferred provider to several airlines offering a guaranteed turnaround time to get you on your way efficiently and without stress.

Our experienced team of clinicians and efficient administrators are here to help you get to your destination and avoid mandatory quarantine. Some destinations require the test to take place within 48 or 72 hours of travel so you need a clinic that can guarantee its turnaround times and promise to deliver your result in time.

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A PCR swab is the only way to exclude an active COVID-19 infection. A COVID-19 PCR swab is taken from the throat and nose. It is not painful and is a quick procedure. Our experienced nurses and HCAs will take your swab for you.

Airlines and destinations require a laboratory certificate from a laboratory accredited by UKAS and fit to fly certificates from registered clinics. They do not accept results that are texted or emailed without the laboratory report itself attached.

When should I have my test?

Destinations vary in when they would like you to have your test. Some require it within 72 hours and others within 96 hours, for example. You should confirm this with your airline or relevant government website or embassy. When you have this information, we can advise you as to the best time to have your test with us to ensure you receive your result at the right time.

Please note that we do not take responsibility for if you make an error in the timing of your test or change your travel plans. We are here to provide a safe and professional test with results by the next day at 8 pm. Our nurses and healthcare assistants cannot advise on travel regulations and test timings so please do speak to your airline in advance of booking your test with us. You are entirely responsible for the timing of your test.

Do I have to take my swab myself?

No way! When you attend the clinic, one of our experienced clinicians will take your swab for you. This improves accuracy and ensures sufficient sample is taken. Your clinician will also verify your details to make sure they match your passport.

When and how will I receive my results?

We will have your result with you by 8 pm the next day.

If you choose our premium service, you will receive your result by 8 am the next day but you must test before 10 am the day before.

We will email you your result as a PDF certificate that you can print off yourself. If you do not have access to a printer and a hard copy is required, you can collect your certificate from the clinic on pre-arrangement.

What is the Fit To Fly test fee?

The total fee is £175 for an at-clinic test. We do not charge anything additional for a supplementary letter or certificate.

Our premium service fee is £245 for a result before 8 am the next day. However, you must test before 10 am the day before.

What does the test check for?

The test is a PCR test meaning it can tell you if you have an active coronavirus infection. It cannot tell you if you have had it in the past.

Is your fit to fly certificate accepted internationally?

We are a fully accredited clinic and fit to fly certificates are accepted in all destinations internationally.


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COVID-19 PCR test at clinic - next day standard service £175
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Result - next day by 8 pm

COVID-19 PCR test at clinic - next day premium service £245
Conducted by a nurse or healthcare assistant at our clinic.

Result - next day by 8 am

Test must be conducted before 10 am the day before
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