COVID-19 T-Cell Test

New T-cell testing for COVID-19

  • Check for T-cells even if negative for antibodies
  • Get a fuller picture of your immune response
  • Suitable post-infection and post-vaccine
Pricing £129
Type of sample taken Blood test
Turnaround time 3 - 5 days
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T-cells tell around 50% of your immune response story to COVID-19. Whereas antibodies can wane over time, or not be produced in detectable levels, T-cells are believed to stick around for longer, giving us another helpful way to check for a previous infection or post-vaccine response.

Many of you may have had your COVID-19 vaccine and/or had a previous COVID-19 infection. You may have already had a Roche quantitative antibody test and tested negative, or with a lower antibody level than expected. You may just want a more complete picture of your immune response. The COVID-19 T-Cell test offers additional insight into your experience with COVID-19 and can sometimes diagnose a previous infection if you tested negative for antibodies.

A really helpful development from the scientists at Oxford Immunotec that we are now happy to provide our patients. This new T-Spot test has been used also by the Oxford Vaccine Group in testing vaccine efficacy and in various studies and we are confident it will provide a helpful additional diagnostic tool for our patients.

Our centre is one of the first private clinics to be accredited by UKAS for T-Spot Testing as well as for COVID Testing. Our laboratory and practice have passed scrutiny and we are delighted to offer our services to you as a UKAS accredited site.

The T-SPOT.COVID test identified 51% more PCR Positive individuals than serology testing alone

COVID-19 T-Cell graph

The T-SPOT.COVID test had a higher positive agreement with PCR results than serologyT Spot Covid Test Graph

The clinic is providing the COVID T-spot test with a 3-day turnaround at £129 as well as a package with the Roche Quantitative Antibody test for £199.

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When should I have my T-cell test?

Research is not clear on exactly when T-cells are developed after a COVID-19 infection but research has found 100% positive agreement with a positive PCR test 7 - 14 days after infection. After vaccination, it is recommended to test 4 - 6 weeks after your dose.

Can I have a Roche Quantitative Antibody test at the same time?

Yes, we can run both tests using the same blood draw. Our package for both tests costs £245.

What will the T-cell test tell me that the antibody test does not?

Research suggests that a fuller picture of your immune response can be seen with both T-cell and antibody testing used together. T-cells are believed to last for longer and are detectable even if antibody levels are not at a detectable level. The presence of T-cells can tell you definitively whether you have had a COVID-19 infection, even if you tested negative on an antibody test.