Children & Teenagers

Counselling & therapy sessions for young people

  • Helping young people to learn emotional literacy
  • Support & practical tools to help your child thrive
  • Helping children fulfil their potential & improve their quality of life
Pricing £150
Turnaround time 1 Hour
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Around 20% of children will suffer from emotional difficulties at some point, & many will need support in understanding & managing their emotional life. Mental health issues & emotional problems can prevent children & teenagers from living to their fullest potential.

Children & teenagers are sensitive beings that have an amazing capacity to absorb everything around them – both the positive & the negative. However, they have not yet learnt how to communicate & underst& their feelings & this can create confusion & emotional challenges.

What we can help with

Often, children & teenagers are unable to speak to those closest to them about the problems they face. A sensitive & experienced therapist can help to reopen the channels of dialogue between parent & child or simply help a young person to underst& & communicate their feelings.