Support to help you through the grieving process

  • Professional support to help you through challenging times
  • Learn tools for coping, managing, & working through difficulties
  • See positive change happening in your life
Pricing £150
Duration 1 Hour
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Bereavement is an inevitable fact of life, but it is also one of the most difficult & painful experiences we will ever go through. The emotional impact of losing someone close to us cannot be underestimated, & it can be helpful to have support during these times.

The emotions we feel during bereavement will range from the expected such as sadness, loss & fear to those we do not expect to feel, such as anger & guilt. We are often left with unresolved issues, a space in our life that feels impossible to fill, & wishes about what could have been.

What we can help with

Talking to someone through all of these intense emotions & having someone who will ensure that you can look after your own emotional wellbeing while you grieve can be a great help. If you would like support, please call us.