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For both adults and children, bullying can be very traumatic and cause long-term emotional damage. It makes us feel powerless, small and unloved. We can’t understand why others have chosen to bully us and begin to blame ourselves – “not good enough”, “not pretty enough”. The prolonged nature of bullying over a period of time acts to reinforce these negative messages that are exacerbated by fear and anxiety. We go into ourselves and lose our true sense of self.

Understanding the psychology of bullying is extremely empowering for victims and will arm you in dealing with difficult people in a variety of situations.

Working together, we will build a toolkit of strategies to deal with bullies and assert ourselves while ensuring that we do not harbour negative beliefs about ourselves that damage us in the longer term. We will forgive ourselves and remind ourselves that the bullying is not our fault. We will cease to see ourselves as victims. We will learn how to diffuse difficult situations, build rapport with others and how to assert ourselves in the school environment, home or workplace.

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