Anger Management

Address anger issues with professional support

  • Learn new tools that can help you to thrive 
  • See positive change happening in your life
  • Long-term & short-term courses of therapy available
Pricing £150
Turnaround time 1 Hour
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Anger problems have their roots in a loss of control & a lack of coping strategies. Anger that remains unfelt & not dealt with can cause relationships to suffer & promote a very negative outlook on life. There is everything to gain from change.

Anger is often the most accessible & immediate emotion available to us and yet, paradoxically, we often cannot access it. What we feel is detachment, emotional shut-down, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, frustration or stress. Anger is an emotion that at the right time, needs to be acknowledged. Anger is an unacceptable emotion in our society so most of us learn to suppress it or channel it in different ways. But it has to go somewhere & often clients come to therapy needing to find ways to access a rage that is deep within them.

What we can help with

While acknowledging anger, we must also learn to manage it in order to sustain relationships & our own wellbeing. Together, we will learn to see the world from many different perspectives & really think about another person’s viewpoint. We will arrive at the root of your anger in order to help you underst& it. We will identify the triggers & learn how to avoid them. & we will develop a toolkit of coping strategies that will arm you to deal with situations as they arise.