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Both clinics will be closed on Monday 26th August for the bank holiday. We are otherwise operating normal working hours.


The symptoms of influenza, or ‘flu, include a sudden fever, a dry and chesty cough, headache, tiredness, chills, aching muscles, limb and joint pain, upset stomach, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and sleep disturbance.

In general, symptoms are at their worst after two to three days and if all goes to plan, you should be well after a week or so. However, many people experience a chesty cough that continues, loss of energy and severe tiredness for several weeks.

As ‘flu shares symptoms with bacterial chest infections and other conditions, it’s worth seeing a doctor for a clear diagnosis and medical support. If you have asthma, diabetes, heart disease, weakened immunity or other conditions exacerbated by a viral or bacterial infection, it is vital to see a GP.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call our Harley Street clinic on 02073231023 02073231023 or our London City clinic on 02071010355 02071010355

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I just wanted to express my thanks for being so efficient and caring yesterday. The GP was very caring and efficient and I certainly will be using your service again.


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