Papua New Guinea Visa Medicals

Embassy-approved visa medicals

  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Unbeatable on price
  • Comprehensive medical included
Pricing £235
Requirements Passport
Type of sample taken blood
Results 24 - 48 hours
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Those who will be working in Papua New Guinea will need a medical as part of their visa application process.

If you are planning on working in Papua New Guinea, you will need to complete a visa application, which requires some medical documentation. These include a urine test, HIV blood test, & chest X-ray, & we can provide all of these for you at our clinic.

Medicals are not necessary if you are just going for a holiday, but it is advised that you take malaria prophylaxis, & ensure that your routine vaccinations are up to date.

Tests Included

  • HIV
  • Chest X-ray


Step 1

Requirements & preparation

Please bring your passport to your appointment so that we can verify your identity & complete the necessary paperwork.
Step 2

During the test

Your appointment will include the doctor taking a blood sample from your inner arm with a needle. During the appointment, you will provide a urine sample, & the chest X-ray will be organised for you.
Step 3


Results of your Papua New Guinea visa medical tests will be ready within 24 hours.