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Health screening and prevention

We provide a wide range of health screenings at our clinics in both Harley Street and the City of London. Our large range of services cover personal, employment, or visa purposes including:

• Wellman and Wellwoman examinations for individuals
• Blood testing and general check-ups (see below for details)
• Annual check-ups for executives and employees
• Visa medicals to most destinations
• Employment medicals for most professions excluding military, construction and offshore work
• Occupational health medicals

General check-ups and blood testing include:

Blood pressure and cardiovascular health
• Exercise and resting electrocardiograms
Cholesterol testing
• Full range of blood testing


For more information or to book an appointment, please call our Harley Street clinic on 02073231023 02073231023 or our London City clinic on 02071010355 02071010355

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