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7 things you should pack when going for holiday

The main holiday season of the year has finally arrived. Our minds are set to relax, recharge our batteries and leave everyday stress behind. Holidays, however, can also bring some less exciting memories. From heat exhaustion to minor injuries, there are plenty of occasions when a first-aid kit can be essential. Having said this, the emergency kit should never replace seeking the advice of a medical professional. So, what should your emergency kit include?


Antihistamines will help relieve the symptoms of any mild allergic reactions. They may be also helpful against general itching, skin rashes, insect bites and alleviating travel sickness.

Rehydration solution is essential on many occasions. Whether you are suffering from heat exhaustion, diarrhoea or sickness, rehydration solution will provide your body with essential fluids and electrolytes.

Painkillers provide relief from headaches, toothaches or menstruation pain.

For minor injuries don’t forget to take skin-disinfecting agent and antiseptic wipes.

You will find plasters very useful when taking care of different sores and blisters. They come in a great variety of types.

Tweezers can be handy when removing small splinters pieces of wood, glass or metal stuck in your body.

Painkilling gel could also come in handy if you have overdone the sunbathing!


This list is not exhaustive. Your first aid kit should reflect the type of activities you are planning, the country you are visiting and any special medical condition. If you would like to seek the further advice of a professional, our experienced doctors are here for you to support you. Book your GP appointment at one of our clinics today.

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