Blood Count

Cholesterol test in London

  • Comprehensive cholesterol testing to determine coronary health risks
  • Check for levels of "good" & "bad" cholesterol
  • Fast turnaround with results delivered in 4-6 hours
Pricing £75
Type of sample taken Blood
Turnaround time 4-12 hours
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Total cholesterol offered by many places isn't really helpful. You need to know the level of "good" & "bad" cholesterol to get an accurate picture of your health. We're here to help.

The full blood count test is a popular test, whose function is to provide information about the numbers of cells in your blood.

Your blood consists of three main components, suspended in the fluid of your blood plasma: red blood cells, white blood cells, & platelets.

Your red blood cells contain haemoglobin, which is responsible for delivering oxygen throughout your body; white blood cells are a key component of your immune response, protecting you from bacteria, viruses, & fungi & platelets help your blood to form clots.

Abnormal levels of any of these types of cells are crucial information when diagnosing a number of diseases & conditions.

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When should I get tested?

The full blood count is regularly recommended for patients who are unwell, & where nutrition, inflammation, infection, anaemia, or bleeding are suspected. Your doctor may recommend that you have this test, or you may choose to have it yourself as a general check-up measure.

What does the test include

The test for a full blood count is a blood test.

What to Expect

Step 1

Preparing for test

No special preparation is needed, although we advise you to arrive for your appointment well-hydrated.
Step 2

During the test

The doctor or nurse will draw a small sample of blood from your inner arm using a needle.
Step 3


Your results will be emailed as soon as they are ready. If one of our doctors has recommended the test, they will call you to discuss the results. You can also take them to your own doctor for evaluation. Please note that the test does not include a consultation, & if you would like help from one of our doctors in interpreting the results, you will need to book this separately.