Tetanus Vaccines & Boosters

  • Recommended for anyone who has not been previously vaccinated
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Pricing £85
No. of sessions 1
Type of treatment Injection
Prevents Tetanus
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Tetanus is a condition that develops when a wound is infected with bacteria. Thanks to immunisation it is rare, but is serious & can be fatal if left untreated.

If you have never been vaccinated against tetanus, it is highly recommended that you have this vaccination, as the risk is high on most continents, including Europe.

Tetanus occurs naturally in soil, & the manure of farm animals, & enters the body through wounds such as cuts, scratches, or animal bites. It is a dangerous infection – as many as 1 in 7 people who contract tetanus in the UK die from it.

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The symptoms of tetanus take roughly ten days to develop following the initial infection. The main symptoms are:

  • lockjaw (a stiffening of the jaw muscles, making it hard to open the mouth)
  • muscle spasms (these can be severe, affecting swallowing or breathing)
  • fever (body temperature of 38C or above)
  • tachycardia (increased heartbeat)
  • sweating