Hepatitis A

Vaccination for Hepatitis A

  • Protection against infection from Hepatitis A
  • Safety & peace of mind before you travel
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No. of sessions 2
Type of treatment Injection
Prevents Hepatitis A
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Hepatitis A is a rare disease in the UK, often picked up during travel. It is the least severe of all Hepatitis infections, & affects the liver. Vaccination can prevent infection.

A vaccine against Hepatitis A is recommended for travelers, as although it is rare in the UK, there is a higher incidence in areas of the world with poor sanitation. The bacteria causing Hepatitis A are usually transmitted by ingesting contaminated food & drink – it is passed on through bacteria found in the stools, so is most commonly spread by lack of hand-washing in food preparation).

Commonly affected locations

Africa, Asia, Central America, South America


With Hepatitis A infection, symptoms take some weeks to appear after the virus has been contracted, & in some cases, there are no symptoms at all. In cases showing symptoms, the most common are:
joint pain
fatigue or exhaustion
nausea & vomiting
pain or tenderness of the lower ribs
abdominal pain
discoloured stools (light, pale, or grey)
dark yellow urine
decreased appetite or no appetite
jaundice (yellow skin)