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Following a consultation with one of our doctors, a biopsy can be used to further diagnose symptoms or to confirm a clinical diagnosis. This will be conducted by our partner providers in the clinics’ localities.

We recommend that you have a consultation with a doctor and discuss together the right diagnostic processes for you. Any scans can be arranged by our teams at your convenience.

A biopsy is an examination of living tissue. It is a screening procedure used to identify abnormal cells and diagnose their origins. The procedure involves taking a tissue sample from the affected area in your body, and differs depending on the part of the body that is affected. Types of biopsy include:

• a cell scraping from inside the mouth or the cervix
• a punch biopsy, in which a small sample of skin cells are removed with a special device
• a needle biopsy, to take sample cells from an organ or area of tissue beneath the skin
• an endoscopic biopsy, where an endoscope is used to access the stomach or oesophagus

Biopsies usually require no more than a local anesthetic.

Why might I need to have a biopsy?

Biopsies are most frequently used when diagnosing the cause of a lump or growth. Biopsies allow examination of the tissue in the lump, to determine whether they are cancerous or benign.

Other conditions a biopsy can diagnose or rule out include peptic ulcers, hepatitis, endometriosis, and kidney disease.

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