Complaints Procedure

We have a robust complaints procedure, which is summarised here. If you wish to make a complaint, you can speak to any member of staff in writing at [email protected] or email our Managing Director Alya Shakir directly at [email protected]

The Practice follows 6 principles when dealing with complaints:

  1. Listening
  2. Being candid and accountable
  3. Making things right
  4. Focussing on the patient’s experience
  5. Being fair and responding proportionately
  6. Using your complaint to improve what we do

Our complaints procedure has five stages:

  1. Listening to your complaint
  2. Investigating your complaint
  3. Speaking with you further or providing a written explanation
  4. Concluding your complaint and improving processes
  5. Referral to external adjudication if required

The Managing Director, Alya Shakir, also our registered manager with the Care Quality Commission, is responsible for the complaints system.

Listening to your complaint:

Our patients should be reassured that:

  1. we will deal with your complaint promptly – you will receive an initial reply within 2 days
  2. we will spend time making a thorough investigation by speaking to any individuals involved and reviewing our processes
  3. we will offer a telephone meeting or a written explanation
  4. we will act reasonably and do our best to make things right

Speaking to you further:

If we need to speak further together, patients should be reassured that:

  1. we take your complaint very seriously
  2. we have investigated your complaint thoroughly
  3. we will explain our position clearly
  4. we will apologise where appropriate

What we do next:

All complaints are documented in our complaints log and used at team meetings to improve what we do and hold ourselves accountable for errors.

Any system and process changes are documented and implemented. We use your complaint also to determine whether an audit is required and to review how we measure the improvements we make.

We also share learning and actions from complaints across the clinic at our team meetings.

If we cannot resolve your complaint:

If, by following our internal processes and discussing your complaint together, we have been unable to resolve it, we will then refer your complaint to an external adjudication service and will fully inform you how this process works and provide you with the relevant contact details.