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What you see is what you get – no hidden charges, administration fees, phlebotomy fees or prescription charges. Please note that some tests, if not requested by a doctor, require a consultation prior to testing or for interpretation of results. This is charged additionally. Please speak to the team at the time of booking who will give you an exact quote depending on your circumstances.

ConsultationPrice £
In the City of London
Consultation (Up to 15 minutes)£65.00
Consultation (Up to 30 minutes)£95.00
Home VisitPlease contact the clinic with the location and time of day your visit is required for an accurate quote.
In Harley Street
Consultation (15 minutes)£85.00
Consultation (30 minutes)£135.00
Consultation w/ Dr E Abood (60 minutes)£250.00
Home VisitPlease contact the clinic with the location and time of day your visit is required for an accurate quote.


CardiologyPrice £
Exercise ECG and Report£480.00
Resting ECG£95.00
Resting ECG plus report£155.00


Minor ProceduresPrice £
Ear examination & irrigation£150.00
Stitches (new wound)£250.00
Stitches removal (up to 15 minutes)£135.00


Blood TestingPrice £
Allergies£35 per allergen
Beta HCG (pregnancy)£50.00 (4 hour result)
Brucella Serology£75.00
Vitamin B12£105.00
Cholesterol profile (full lipid profile)£75.00
Liver function profile£75.00
Kidney function£75.00
Anaemia profile (vitamin B12, folic acid, ferritin)£245.00
Full Blood Profile (haematology and biochemistry incl. glucose)£135.00
Full blood profile plus thyroid and vitamin D level£185.00
CA 50 (bladder, colorectal)£97.00
CA 19-9 (GI, colorectal, pancreas)£97.00
CA 15- 3 (breast)£97.00
Vitamin B12 & folate£140.00
Vitamin D level£145.00
Female Hormone Screen£295.00
EBV Screen£260.00
Blood group and antibody screen£115.00
Hb Electrophoresis£165.00
H. Pylori Serology£135.00
Male Hormone Screen£285.00
PSA (prostate specific antigen)£135.00
Thyroid Function Tests£115.00
Cervical Smear and HPV£195.00
Microbiology Swab£125.00


Urine TestsPrice £
MSU (mid stream urine tests)£95.00
Drugs of Abuse Urine Tests (no chain of custody)£110.00
UTI consult with laboratory urine test£165.00


Sexual Health Clinic – Turnaround timesTotal Price to Pay
Option 1: Comprehensive STD Screen (asymptomatic)£185.00
Option 2: Comprehensive STD Screen (symptomatic)£260.00
Additional throat swab£55.00
Additional rectal swab£55.00
Additional herpes swab (lesion)£90.00
Option 3: Bacterial Infections including Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea£185.00
Option 4: Bloods only (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B & C£215.00
Option 5: Multiplex Testing (HIV, Hep B, Hep C)£195.00
Chlamydia (4-6 hrs)£50.00
Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea (urine tests) (1 working day)£85.00
Hepatitis Screen (A/B/C) (12 hours)£225.00
Hepatitis A Antibodies (4-12 hours)£95.00
Hepatitis B Antibodies (4-12 hours)£95.00
Hepatitis C Antibodies 4-(12 hours)£95.00
Herpes (swab) (3 – 5 working days)£195.00
HIV instant test (60 seconds)£55.00
HIV & p24 antigen (12 hours)£55.00
HIV Viral Load (Up to 5 days)£380.00
HIV-1 RNA early detection (accurate at 10 days from exposure, results take 4-6 hrs)£125.00
Syphilis (24 hours)£110.00


Health Risk ProfilePrice £
Health Risk Profile£290.00



Vaccines – Full prepayment requiredFull Price
Polio /Tetanus/Diptheria (Revaxis)£145.00 ea
Typhoid (Typhim)£80.00 ea
Hepatitis A &B (Twinrix) – 3 vaccines – month 0 (1st) 1 (2nd) & 6 (3rd)£145.00 ea
Hepatitis B  (HB VAX PRO)- 3 vaccines – month 0 (1st) 1 (2nd) & 6 (3rd)£85.00 ea
Hepatitis A – 1 vaccine and booster between 6 -12 months£85.00 ea
Japanese Encephelitis – (2 vaccines – day 0 and 28)£150.00 ea
Cholera (Dukoral)£85.00 ea (2 required)
Rabies£80.00 (3 required)
Chicken Pox Adults (Varcilla Zoster) – 2 vaccines – month 0 (1st) 2 (2nd)£375.00 for full course
HPV Vaccine£195.00 ea (3 required)
Drugs of Abuse Urine Test (no chain of custody)£150.00


Health Screen Packages

Cervical smear and human papilloma virus screen, £195.00
Express Medical (with a Senior Nurse), including full blood profile, £220.00

For womenTotal Price
Bronze Wellwoman package, incl. consultation, examination & extensive blood testing£475.00
Silver Wellwoman incl. Bronze Wellwoman package + resting ECG & smear£555.00
Gold Wellwoman incl. Silver Wellwoman package + hormone screen & HbA1C£730.00
Platinum Wellwoman incl. Gold Wellwoman package + comprehensive sexual health screen£875.00
Tailor-made Wellwoman
Consultation, blood test and report£390.00
      add ECG+ £65.00
      add HbA1C+ £85.00
      add Female hormone screen+ £90.00
      add Cervical smear & HPV+ £100.00
      add Comprehensive sexual health screen+ £145.00
Weight Management incl. tests for medical reasons for weight gain / loss, diet plan, food intolerances, lifestyle assessment£350.00
For menTotal Price
Bronze Wellman package, incl. consultation, examination & extensive blood testing£475.00
Silver Wellman package, incl. Bronze package + HbA1C test£575.00
Gold Wellman package, incl. Silver package + male hormone screen£665.00
Platinum Wellman package, incl. Gold package +  comprehensive sexual health screen£710.00
Tailor-made Wellman
Consultation, blood test and report£390.00
      add ECG+ £65.00
      add PSA+ £85.00
      add HbA1C+ £85.00
      add Male Hormone screen+ £90.00
      add Comprehensive sexual health screen+ £145.00


TherapyPrice £
First Consultation (90 -120 minutes)£150.00
Smoking Cessation (120 minutes) – one appointment usually required£195.00
For more information or to book an appointment, please call us on 02073231023 02073231023.

I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for looking after my son when he suffered skipped heartbeats at work. You were very kind to him and didn’t even charge him.