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Hepatitis Testing

We offer screening for all strains of Hepatitis. The most common are hepatitis B and C.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is an infection with the hepatitis C virus. Although there is no vaccine to protect against infection, there is effective treatment available.

Estimates suggest over 200,000 people are infected with hepatitis C in England, but eight out of ten are unaware they have it. This is because it can take years, even daecades, for symptoms to appear.

Even if you have no symptoms, you can still pass on the virus to others.

Hepatitis B

The hepatitis B virus can cause an acute illness that resolves itself quickly without causing long-term liver damage. However, it can also cause a chronic illness that lasts more than six months, sometimes for life, with symptoms that come and go. This may cause cirrhosis and liver cancer.

It’s estimated that:

  • Around 1 million people are infected with hepatitis B every year in Europe
  • One in three people around the world has had the infection at some time

Only a tiny amount of blood is needed to transmit the virus because it’s so infectious. The hepatitis B virus may also be present in saliva, vaginal secretions and other bodily fluids.

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