Resting ECG Test

Resting Electrocardiogram

  • Same-day appointment
  • Accurate result
  • Central London location
Pricing £95
Procedure duration 30 minutes
Follow up If required
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A resting electrocardiogram or ECG looks at your heart health and provides tracings interpreted by a medical professional.

There are many reasons you may require a resting ECG. Resting ECGs check for heart health and signs of illness such as murmurs. They are a helpful preliminary cardiovascular diagnostic tool and are commonly required:

  • Pre-surgery
  • As part of visa and employment medical
  • To diagnose the cause of chest pain and other cardiovascular symptoms

A resting ECG is used to check your heart’s electrical activity and rhythm. The test is conducted while you are lying down. Sticky sensors are attached to your skin in set positions that help detect signals produced by your heart beating.

Why would I have a resting ECG?

There are several reasons you might have a resting ECG. The most common is if a doctor is concerned that you might have something wrong with your heart, for example, if you are experiencing specific heart-related symptoms. It can also be used routinely before having surgery to exclude any heart issues or for visa and employment medical purposes.

Who will conduct my resting ECG?

Your ECG will be conducted by a trained clinician such as a senior healthcare assistant or nurse or by your doctor.

Do I need to fast or prepare in any way?

No, for an ECG, you do not need to fast. But if you’re also having blood tests, for example, for a medical, please check with our team if you need to fast.

Will I need to undress?

Yes, the upper part of your clothing will need to be removed.

Can I choose to have a female clinician?

Yes, a female clinician is always matched with a female patient.

What if my resting ECG is abnormal?

In this case, it will likely be sent to a cardiologist for review. The total cost, including the ECG and the cardiologist report, is £155. If it is confirmed as abnormal, one of our doctors will advise you on the next steps.

Resting ECG FAQs

How much does it cost?

A resting ECG costs £95. If you require a cardiologist report, the total cost is £155. Sometimes we cannot know if an additional report will be required as this is usually required when your result is abnormal and requires specialist verification.

When will I receive my ECG result?

You will receive your tracings right away. If you require a report, this can take 24 - 48 working hours.

Testing Fees


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