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Your diet and womb cancer


Don’t be complacent – make today a healthy day. You’ll feel amazing.

Recent research from Imperial College in London suggests that the risk of womb cancer can be reduced by exercise and diet. In fact, the review of the data suggests that almost half of all cases of womb cancer in the UK could have been prevented by having a healthy weight and keeping active.  Womb cancer, otherwise known as endometrial cancer, is a cancer of the womb lining and is the fourth most common cancer in women in this country.

Look out for the following symptoms of womb cancer:

– Abnormal bleeding

– Abnormal discharge

– Lower abdominal pain

– Pain during sex

If you are experiencing any symptoms, see your doctor, don’t delay.

This is of course not stand-alone research – there has been a lot of evidence to suggest that many cancers can be prevented by improving lifestyle, avoiding excessive alcohol and smoking and doing regular moderate exercise. It makes me wonder then why so few people take the measures to prevent degenerative diseases.  According to research, only 56% of women in this country are active for at least 30 minutes, five times a week and only 39% are a healthy weight. One reason I commonly hear why someone isn’t active is a lack of time. Keeping active can be as simple as walking briskly for 30 minutes of your day. We all have time to do that whether part of the journey to or from work, in our lunch break and on the weekend. I agree that regular gym workouts and swimming can take time but do you have time to be seriously ill or do we all think it can’t happen to us? It happens to thousands of people a year in the UK and unless we are taking the measures to protect ourselves through daily healthy habits, it can also happen to us. Don’t be complacent – make today your first healthy day.


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