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“In my work with people, I look at the person as a whole, listen to everything they can and want to tell me and understand their map of the world – their lifestyle, relationships and how they feel about different areas of their life.

The individuals who come to see me want to make a change. But their beliefs about themselves, their problems and the world do not help them. Often these beliefs only operate on a subconscious level and they will never verbalise them. But they will act on emotions and behaviour until they are addressed and altered on both the conscious and subconscious level.

We all have constant communication between our conscious and subconscious. When the messages from each are misaligned – so when there is a conflict of meaning or belief – we struggle to overcome problems. We might, for example, be committed on the conscious level to resolving a relationship problem. But if our subconscious is feeding us negative messages about our partner or ourselves, even our best intentions will not result in positive change. The key to change is aligning the conscious with the subconscious in terms of messages, beliefs and commitment to change.

On the subconscious level, this can be achieved through clinical hypnotherapy and regular self-hypnosis, a very useful tool that I teach all of my clients. The subconscious is informed of what has been agreed on the conscious level and we deliver it messages that empower it and help the individual overcome false and negative beliefs.

On the conscious level, together we develop a plan of action for change – this is usually formed of small changes that result in the big change we are aiming to achieve – and make conscious decisions that will be supported by the changes at the subconscious level.

This means that when the conscious mind refers back to the subconscious for reinforcement, it will find no conflict and will be well supported in its decisions.

Finally, I believe it is vital to look at the positives in people and together, we think about how we can use those to overcome the negatives. Together we can identify the strengths you already possess in other parts of your life and extend those skills to help you overcome stress, deal with relationship problems, improve confidence, gain control over your behaviour or break a negative habit.” Dr Ali Shakir

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