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Do you find yourself mumbling to yourself often? Clenching your teeth? Are you short-tempered and find yourself less and less tolerant of others? Do you snap at those closest to you?

Very often, we do not realise the levels of stress we live with until it is too late and we are pushed beyond our coping abilities. In modern society, we are subject to stressful situations in every aspect of our life – in our work, relationships, financial responsibilities and because of other people – but are given little opportunity to learn to cope.

As a result, stress begins to manifest itself as a whole host of difficulties – from strains on our relationships and a negative outlook on life to health problems such as IBS and muscle tension.

Stress will always be part of our lives but how we deal with stress can change. We are all able to develop a toolkit of coping strategies for all the situations that tend to cause us stress or push us to the limit. Very often, these are skills that you already use in other aspects of your life – this is about honing those skills and learning how to apply them to protect your long-term emotional wellbeing and your relationships with those around you.

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I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for looking after my son when he suffered skipped heartbeats at work. You were very kind to him and didn’t even charge him.


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