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Le Tour is Coming to Town

The World’s most famous bicycle race has reached London today. Even those who do not cycle regularly may be more inclined to do so now than ever. Cycling is easy to fit to your daily routine as you can use it as a form of transport. But it also has some other less known and somewhat surprising benefits.

Better sleep

Cycling just 20 – 30 minutes a day can reduce the time you need to fall asleep by half. Cycling also extends the time our body is exposed to daylight. This helps us to get rid of cortisol – the stress hormone that can interfere with our sleep.

Boosts your brain activity

Cycling requires balance, quick reactions and decision making. Studies has shown that can impact upon the way our brain functions in different situations. Higher blood flow and oxygen to the brain can also help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Improve your sex life

Physical activities that improve your vascular health have a positive impact on your sex drive. Studies prove that male athletes have the sexual stamina of men several years younger.  This kind of daily activity in females has also been shown to delay the menopause.

Avoid pollution

Even though it appears unlikely scientists proved that cyclists inhale significantly less pollution that passengers in buses, taxis and cars. This may be thanks to the fact that they are not driving directly in the line of exhaust smoke but on the side of the road.

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